FBLA 101

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) will be reducing its club size to 101 members this year. Returning members and new members alike will have to take a test for their preferred event in order to secure a spot among the 101. Testing for returning members takes place on Sept. 10-19 and general testing for new members will be available after Club Fair.

“A lot of people had issues with commitment last year. We had 200 members last year, so this year  we decided to get the most dedicated out of those members,” FBLA cabinet member junior Alvin Li said. “FBLA has a ruling: based on the number of members you have, you can send how many members to each event. At exactly 100 people, you get to send 6 people to each event. We want to send the most people we can, so we chose 101. We also chose it because it has a nice ring to it.”

FBLA officers will look at the tests and compare it to previous years’ results from section and state. The returning members who score well on the practice tests will be guaranteed a spot automatically.

“We had testing last week and this week, as well. It was testing for returning members only, and there are tests on all the events. After that, we will pick the returning members that automatically make it in from these tests,” Li said. “These tests are the ones that decide who gets “grandfathered” in. After club fair, we’ll be opening tests to new members as well as old members, so returning members get two shots to make it into an event.”

By Brandon Ng, News editor

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