FBLA competes at California State Leadership Conference

SLC gives members an opportunity to socialize with others and gain the experience of a business environment. At SLC, FBLA members competed in different events for a chance to advance to the National Leadership Conference. Competitions took place Thursday and through Friday with the award ceremonies on Saturday.

“When I was studying for my events, I just kept thinking about what it would be like to place at State and I got a lot of motivation from that. I wanted to compete with the least amount of regret,” treasure sophomore Esther Li said.

A month prior to the competition, members were able to choose up to two events to participate in. The events consisted of business curriculum such as personal finance, computer problem solving, network designing, job interviews, etc. When choosing events, members focused on selecting events that would best complement their strengths.

“For my events, I took a lot of notes and studied really hard. I did better than last year and I am happy about that. Normally, I am not a presentation type of person but being in front of a bunch of ppl and presenting at SLC which is simply like ‘do or die’ is a good experience,” American Enterprise chair junior Jenna Nguyen said.

In preparation for next year’s National Leadership Conference (NLC), members will prepare by studying earlier, taking notes and reviewing old material.

“My sister and I placed in Sports and Entertainment Management, and we will be going to the National Leadership Conference,” Inland Section Vice president junior Ashley Ching said.  “My sister has been trying at this event for two years so being able to place is really exciting, and it is good to know that hard work will always pay off.”

By Lauren Fue, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Walnut FBLA

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