FBLA conducts Shark Tank competition

Future Business Leaders of America officers hosted a competition based off of the television series “Shark Tank” in collaboration with Walnut Debate Outreach Program (WDOP) Wednesday, Jan. 11 at Suzanne Middle School.

The event was open to all WDOP members at Suzanne, where teams created a product and presented them to teachers, who acted as investors. Inventions ranged from gloves that prevented phones from dropping to better alternatives for school lunches. The members of the winning team each received a $10 gift card to In-N-Out.

“I think that [this event] is a great way to introduce students to capitalism and business,” Vice President of Communications junior Candice Ma said. “In addition, hopefully it will polish [the students’] presentation and public speaking skills. I hope that the event [was] beneficial to the middle schoolers who attended.”

By Ashley Liang, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Natalie Jiang