FBLA wins sweepstakes at Inland Section conference

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competed at the Inland Sectional Conference, overall placing first in both sweepstakes for the third year in a row on Feb. 7. In addition, individual competitors participating in different divisions also received placements for their events.

Below are all the individual placements of Walnut FBLA competitors listed alphabetically by event:

Accounting I – Harrison Lee, 1st
Accounting I – Karina Chiu, 3rd
Accounting I – Annjee Ang, 4th

Accounting II – Harrison Lee, 1st
Accounting II – Karina Chiu, 5th
Accounting II – Annjee Ang, 10th

Agribusiness – Olivia Fang, 2nd
Agribusiness – Cindy Lee, 5th
Agribusiness – Christine Yuan, 10th

Business Calculations – Audree Hsu, 1st
Business Calculations – Brian Weng, 2nd
Business Calculations – Jonathan Tang, 5th
Business Calculations – Michelle Yan, 7th

Business Communications – Mindy Huang, 1st
Business Communications – Doris Li, 2nd
Business Communications – Eric Chang, 3rd

Business Law – Hannah Eom, 2nd
Business Law – Jessica Lee, 5th
Business Law – Oliver Chen, 7th
Business Law – Jenny Ding, 9th

Business Math – Farhan Baig, 1st
Business Math – Christopher Wong, 3rd

Business Procedures – Samantha Wu, 1st
Business Procedures – Katherine Lee, 5th
Business Procedures – Leslie Yen, 9th

Computer Problem Solving – Austin Zhou, 1st
Computer Problem Solving – Samantha Wu, 7th
Computer Problem Solving – Adrian Kam, 9th

Cyber Security – Howard Chen, 1st
Cyber Security – Henry Ao, 2nd
Cyber Security – Cindy Hsu, 3rd

Economics – Tin Kuo, 2nd
Economics – Shahar Syed, 3rd
Economics – Johnny Mok, 4th
Economics – Henry Ao, 5th

Entrepreneurship – Rhea Lin, 2nd
Entrepreneurship – Brian Zeng, 2nd
Entrepreneurship – Phoebe Lin, 2nd

FBLA Principles & Procedures – Tyler Wong, 2nd
FBLA Principles & Procedures – William Sosropartono, 4th
FBLA Principles & Procedures – Leesa Heng, 6th
FBLA Principles & Procedures – Darren Wang, 8th

Future Business Leader – Jefferey Huang, 3rd
Future Business Leader – Nathan Wong, 7th

Global Business – Brian Chen, 1st
Global Business – Cynthia Lu, 1st
Global Business – Nathan Wong, 1st

Healthcare Administration – Iris Wu, 3rd
Healthcare Administration – Zahin Islam, 4th
Healthcare Administration – Jo Ann Sun, 6th

Hospitality Management – Megan Li, 2nd
Hospitality Management – Jessica Lee, 2nd
Hospitality Management – Olivia Fang, 2nd

Insurance and Risk Management – Annie Chang, 1st
Insurance & Risk Management – Elvin Chang, 6th
Insurance & Risk Management – Darren Wang, 9th

Introduction to Business – Brian Chen, 1st
Introduction to Business – Karen Jiang, 5th
Introduction to Business – Sammi Su, 7th
Introduction to Business – Eric Cheng, 9th

Introduction to Business Communication – Cynthia Lu, 1st
Introduction to Business Communication – Cherie Chu, 2nd
Introduction to Business Communication – Eugene Lo, 6th
Introduction to Business Communication – Ryan Hu, 7th
Introduction to Business Communication – Jason Shi, 10th

Introduction to Information Technology – Brian Zeng, 1st
Introduction to Information Technology – Jacky Lee, 6th
Introduction to Information Technology – Farizaan Merchant, 8th

Job Interview- Jefferey Huang, 5th

Management Decision Making – Jenny Ding, 4th
Management Decision Making – Hannah Eom, 4th
Management Decision Making – Bowen Shen, 4th

Marketing – Alvin Li, 1st
Marketing – Mindy Huang, 1st
Marketing – Kevin Chen, 1st

Parliamentary Procedure – Evelyne Tantry, 1st
Parliamentary Procedure – Adam Ng, 1st
Parliamentary Procedure – Eugene Lo, 1st
Parliamentary Procedure – Jeremy Lim, 1st

Personal Finance – Johnny Mok, 1st
Personal Finance – Alvin Li, 2nd
Personal Finance – Tin Kuo, 3rd
Personal Finance – Moses Hsieh, 5th
Personal Finance – Kevin Chen, 6th

Public Speaking – Renee Hua, 2nd
Public Speaking II – Armana Chadha, 7th

Securities & Investments – Cindy Hsu, 1st
Securities & Investments – Jonathan Tang, 3rd
Securities & Investments – Karen Jiang, 8th
Securities & Investments – Candice Ma, 9th

Sports & Entertainment Management – Stephen Chien, 2nd
Sports & Entertainment Management – Leesa Heeng, 2nd
Sports & Entertainment Management – Michael Ding, 2nd

By Chantel Chan and Brandon Ng, News editors

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