FBLA wins 10th place sweepstakes at SLC

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) placed 10th in Sweepstakes at the State Leadership Conference (SLC) held online Friday, April 30.

The conference spanned for two weeks, and at the conference, competitors took objective tests on assigned days. Roleplay events took place after the objective testing. This year’s State Leadership Conference was the first virtual state conference.

“The experience isn’t much different testing wise because even at the in-person conferences, they utilized computers for testing,” FBLA Vice President of Competitive Events junior Isabel Zhou said. “The [virtual] format is the exact same for testing.”

The next conference is the National Leadership Conference, in which competitors from across the country compete via objective testing. Eleven competitors from Walnut FBLA are competing in the national conference.

“We did super well as a chapter and I’m really proud of our competitors,” Zhou said. “Placing 10th in sweepstakes is a huge honor and this is the first time in a while that we’ve been able to place at SLC because it’s so competitive.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, News editor

Photo courtesy of Kelvin Wong