German Club attends concert

Students in German Club attended a concert Wednesday, Dec. 12 at Millikan High School.

The concert featured German artist Wincent Weiss and was aimed toward helping students better understand the German language and culture. German teacher Leah Turner uses his music as part of her curriculum for students to sing.

“I was honestly really excited. As you can imagine, I’ve had to listen to the song over and over again because I teach them to all of my classes. I like to be familiar with whatever I’m teaching. Most of all, I enjoyed the fact that I could see that my students were really engaged and enjoying the music,” Turner said.

Weiss performed songs such as “Musik Sein” and “Feuerwerk.” During the songs, students participated by singing lyrics that they remembered. After the concert, they were able to talk to and get autographs from Weiss.

“It was well worth it since it was only $25 to go to this concert, and I was really hyped up,” junior Leo Shen said. “We were all cheering during the songs. I was also pretty happy since we had some time to hang out with each other after [the] concert.”


By Philbert Loekman, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Leah Turner


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