Girl Rising Awareness Campaign

An IMAX screening of “Girl Rising” will take place at AMC Puente Hills 20 theater on Thursday, Oct. 23 at 5 p.m. Funds raised from ticket sales will go to the Girl Rising campaign fund, and portion of the proceeds will go to partner nonprofit organizations that work to improve the lives of girls around the world (A New Day Cambodia, CARE, Girl Up/UN, Foundation, Partners in Health, PLAN, Room to Read, World Vision). Although the event is hosted by Voice of the World, an off-campus human rights activist group, Walnut High School students are encouraged to attend the event.

The documentary film is part of a campaign called Girl Rising, which is aimed at raising awareness about equal rights to education and providing girls in third world countries with educational opportunities. The film  features the stories of girls from around the world and their fight for a right to education.

“I think we’ll have more awareness because I feel like in the U.S., we’re so privileged. We don’t really see many [fights for] women’s rights,” co-host of the screening junior Armana Chadha said. “I think it is more prevalent throughout the world that people are getting caught up in the rights of men, and I think [Girl Rising] goes to expose our sheltered students and society to what really goes on in other places.”

By Chantel Chan, News editor

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