Girls League hosts Princess Project

Girl’s League is hosting its second Princess Project in room F-5 from Monday, Feb. 5 to Friday, Feb. 19.

The Princess Project provides for girls who are unable to afford formal dresses and accessories for prom through donations from schools, companies and individual donors.

“Prom is a high school experience that everyone should attend, and most people can’t really go to that because they can’t afford the dress or even the ticket to go,” co-president junior Cindy Zhang said. “It just feels really good to help lift their burdens of financial issues.”

Girl’s League’s goal is to donate at least seventy dresses, compared to last year’s forty. Volunteers will help sort, pack and ship the donations to the Princess Project, which selects over 1,350 girls to attend dress giveaways in San Francisco, San Diego and Silicon Valley.

“Oftentimes everybody is pretty focused on [himself or herself], so we tend to forget to think of other people less fortunate,” cabinet officer junior Estela Teng said. “You’re doing something for someone else, and it establishes a sense of charity and hope.”

At the giveaways, dresses will be displayed in participating stores for girls to try on and take home for free.

“[The dress giveaway] is giving other people a chance to get something new. I think it’ll be a cool experience for them [and] they’ll be thankful because people are thinking about them [or] feel cared for because people are willing to help them,” club member junior Phyllis Yu said.

By Amy Lo, Staff writer

Photo by Casey Lee