Guest speaker visits HOSA

Health Occupations Students of America invited guest speaker Angel Tsai from Baylor University as a part of the WHS Sports Medicine Pathway program Thursday, Feb. 16.

As a charge nurse and Walnut alumnus, Tsai discussed her medical career and path to how she became a nurse to educate members about entering the medical field.

“She talked about her career path and the steps you had to take, so that helped me get an idea of what steps I have to take to get into the nursing career,” senior Cynthia Banuelos said. “To see how happy she was with the choice that she made and [how] she took all these different steps and didn’t know how to start off at first helped me [believe] I can do it as well. It gives me confidence that if somebody else can do it, so can I.”

By Airi Gonzalez, Staff Writer
Photo by Airi Gonzalez