Health students push for petition

Students in health teacher Joe Khouzam’s second period class created a petition pushing for a healthier variation of school lunch options Friday, Sept. 23.

This is the first petition that students have independently organized regarding school lunches and solutions to generate better food choices. A majority of the school lunch options offer meals that are low in nutritional value.

“Our school needs better balanced diets and more nutritional foods,” junior Barnabas Choi said. “I feel like the school should keep up with its prestigious reputation not just in academics but in all areas. I think some people feel the same way, [and] that’s the reason why they bring lunch from home.”

Students were inspired to start the petition after watching the documentary “Super Size Me,” which shows the detrimental effects of unbalanced meals. Throughout the course of the film, students learned that the price of more nourishing foods is almost equivalent to that of the current school options.

“I feel like all of the foods here are super processed, and that’s terrible,” senior Sage Montoya said. “There are barely any healthy options. We have salad and hummus, but that gets so old. It’s just upsetting because even though our food is so unhealthy, the cost would be the same for healthier food.”

The petition has gathered over 70 signatures on paper already, but it is still being passed around from class to class to gain more support from other students.

“It’s different from other petitions because we’re petitioning for a cause that helps nurture students not only with education but also the nutritional diet that they deserve,” Choi said. “I really hope [the school changes] the system to benefit our well-being.”

By Erica Chang, Staff writer 
Photo by Kevin Arifin

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