IBCP students visit laboratories

Juniors in the IBCP program’s Human Body Systems class went on a trip on Friday, Jan. 25 to Southern California University of Health Sciences in order to gain exposure to laboratories and learn more about human anatomy.

Upon arrival, students were met by instructor Trung-Hung Bui and were brought to a room with a dissected cadaver. Bui gave students the opportunities to investigate and observe inner anatomical structures.

“The best part about the trip was when we got to examine a real human cadaver. Some of us were a bit reluctant to touch the organs, but most of us mustered the courage to take out and examine them,” junior Jon Mirto said.

Students were given time to closely inspect the various human organs to connect what they learned in school to the observations in the laboratory.

“For some of the organs we saw, we had actually dissected in our class, such as pig’s kidney, so it was cool to see how similar it was to a human kidney,” junior Ayesha Ng said.

The trip offered students an opportunity to learn more than what the school curriculum teaches and exposed them to a clearer understanding of working as health care providers.

“It was my goal to be a surgeon and I believe this trip gave me a more ’hands-on experience’ that would allow me to somewhat get a better feel of examining and opening up patients. It may seem crazy, but I was more fascinated than reluctant,” Mirto said.

For some, their passion in the medical field was revived after the trip.

“I learned a lot about the human body,” said Ng. “It also renewed my interest in a career in the biomedical sciences after seeing how the knowledge I have can be applied to help people’s lives.”

By Richard Zhang, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Chiara Morgan