INCC attends field trip to the Huntington Library

International Community Club (INCC) attended a field trip to the Huntington Library Thursday, Jan. 16.

INCC is a club in which English Language Development (ELD) students are exposed to the Walnut community with help from native English speakers. An informational meeting was held Friday, Jan. 10 to introduce members to art pieces from the Huntington Library.

INCC members attended the American Art exhibit from 10 – 11:30 a.m. The 46 students in attendance were split into five groups, which were led by docents that asked students about what they saw in the paintings, sculptures and furniture.

“Most of the time, people learn in classrooms, but going on a field trip is an opportunity for students to think critically outside of the classroom,” English Language Development teacher Rebecca Chai said. “One thing that scares students a lot is getting the answer wrong. With art like the American Art we saw yesterday, there were many questions that were asked, and it was a good chance for students to take a risk.”

After eating a picnic lunch, members visited the Botanical Gardens of the library. They spent an hour touring the Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, the Bonsai Collection and the Zen Court, returning to school at 2 p.m.

“It was a rewarding experience for me because I saw [the students] engaged,” Chai said. “Although it’s hard work getting something like this together, it’s worth it for the students to get to experience that type of learning in an environment that’s completely new.”

Written by Sajjan Sandhu, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Derek Shao