Interact attends WE Day

Members of Interact club attended the annual WE Day California event at the Los Angeles Forum in Inglewood on Thursday, April 20.

“WE” is a movement founded by Craig and Marc Kielburger that offers resources to help people create positive social change in the community and around the world. WE Day is an event where volunteers gather together to celebrate their contributions with world-renowned speakers and A-list celebrities. In order to attend the event, Interact members had to meet a minimum requirement of 30 volunteering hours throughout the year.

“You have to volunteer, and I think [this concert is] a really good incentive. Also, once you go there, you feel very inspired to volunteer even more. The people there have done so much to change the world. I see them, and I want to try to do something like that too,” freshman Prabhleen Kaur said.

Celebrities, such as Selena Gomez, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Aniston, spoke about a variety of topics, such as kidney disease, death of a loved one, sexuality, education, change and the power of one’s voice. Speakers of the event also emphasized enacting change despite one’s age.

“In Walnut, we’re like a sheltered community, but then [in this concert], you [realize] that around the world, around America, there are just different problems that people have come across, and people have changed the community and society because of [those problems],” sophomore Madison Tate said. “It doesn’t matter how old you have to be as long as you do good because it’s like when you drop a stone in still water: it ripples. With younger people, as [they] grow older, those ripples can affect [their] lives.”

John Stamos, an actor from the television show “Full House,” hosted WE Day. There were performances by celebrities during the event, including Jessie Reyez singing “Figures,” The Chainsmokers performing “Sick Boy” and Jordan Fisher singing “All About Us.”

“I enjoyed the high amount of energy, just spending time with friends, screaming, singing along and cheering on every speaker, dancer and singer,” sophomore Lada Lerdsuwanrut said. “The Chainsmokers put on an amazing performance, [and] John Stamos really kept the flow of the show going and kept everyone laughing and smiling in the crowd.”

By Raymond Dunn, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Tiffany Han