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Interact hosts Training Day

Interact hosted a training day for cabinet members to prepare for the upcoming school year Saturday, Sept. 2.

Interact officers provided a general outline of the year along with its the intended projects and collaborations. Cabinet members were briefed about the two international projects: Feed the Children and Pencils of Promise. Feed the Children is a non-profit organization that seeks to end childhood hunger while Pencils of Promise is a for-purpose organization that builds schools, trains teachers and provides scholarships.

“The purpose of Training Day is to get the cabinet more involved and ready for a year of service. I hope by giving them [a general outline of the year], they can plan ahead and come up with unique ideas to spread awareness, raise money and get members involved in Interact,” Interact president senior Tiffany Han said. “We want engagement, passion and initiative. Cabinet leaders benefit from training day by understanding the logistics of the club and the officer’s duties.”

Cabinet members were also taught how to find and chair events, run a meeting and work as a team. They participated in mock general meetings, in which they worked with an officer and another cabinet member to practice how to control a crowd and communicate information efficiently.

“[Training Day] reinforced my belief that Interact has a special camaraderie and brotherhood that we don’t really see too often in other clubs. It really unites us toward our cause,” Interact cabinet member sophomore Ian Lim said. “Training Day was really informative and also good for bonding and I feel really optimistic about the upcoming school year.”

During Training Day, Interact officers also announced Project Initiate, a venture designed to encourage cabinet members to take a larger role in the club by generating, planning and carrying out a fundraising event. Each group will be responsible for planning a fundraiser each month.

“Project Initiate is definitely out of my comfort zone but it’ll help me to put myself out there and adapt to new experiences,” Lim said. “Training Day showed me that our strong direction and great organization skills will help us execute our goals.”

By Irene Zhou, News editor

Photo by Justin Jiang