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Jerry Knox recognized in Salute to Teachers video

The 23rd annual Salute to Teachers event occurred virtually this year through a YouTube video Wednesday, Oct. 21. 

The prerecorded YouTube video consisted of hosts announcing teachers of the year for each school. Each teacher of the year contributed a two to three minute video saying a couple of words and introducing themself for the virtual event. Principal Ryan Maine made the video introducing this year’s teacher of the year, AP Human Geography and Bioethics teacher, Jerry Knox. 

“We could have done a certificate for Mr. Knox or just put him on a powerpoint but we [wanted] to go above and beyond,” Maine said. “So that’s what I said with the video, I wanted to go above and beyond for Mr. Knox and make him feel valued and special.” 

The candidates for the reward are chosen by the nominations of other teachers. The nominees are then discussed and voted on by a panel and a teacher is chosen. The individual that wins the award is normally kept a secret and announced through a staff meeting in May.

“I’m a Walnut guy, I went to Walnut High School and I taught for all these years so it’s just good to be recognized for all your hard work, dedication, loyalty to the school and to all the students and the staff,” Knox said. “I think we have a great staff and so to be acknowledged as teacher of the year is saying a lot.”

By Rikka Tagayuna, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Ryan Maine