Key Club starts a school supplies drive

Key Club is organizing a school supplies drive dedicated to aiding local disadvantaged schools until Friday, Sept. 30.

All classes are asked to participate by donating backpacks, notebooks, pencils and pens, which are all assigned a point value of 20 points, two points, and one point each, respectively. The club will reward a pizza party to the class that earns the most points by the end of the drive.

“[The main purpose of the drive is] to help people that are less fortunate than us and give them the means to properly prepare for their education,” cabinet member sophomore Lauren Lau said. “We are truly blessed to be able to afford all the items that make our learning experience easier versus those who do not have what we have. [This drive] made me understand that some things are handed to you and not to others, and a way we can show our gratitude is to pass it down.”

By Jessica Huang and Melissa Kim, News editors
Photo by Jeffrey Tran

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