KINE raises over $1,000 for charity

KINE, a collaboration between Key Club, Interact, National Honors Society (NHS) and Environmental Care and Global Awareness (ECGA), hosted a series of fundraisers, raising over $1,000 to donate to the World Wildlife Fund and medical workers from Friday, Feb. 17 to Friday, March 20.

All proceeds were initially to be donated to the World Wildlife Fund to aid wildlife suffering because of the Australian wildfires. In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, KINE leaders decided to donate half of the proceeds to medical workers in need of supplies. Additionally, they canceled all fundraisers after Friday, March 20. 

“The backwards E [in ECGA] represents a D, so the logo is KIND, representing not only all of our efforts to help Australia, but also to show that we care. I’m so grateful that this collaboration received so much support and [I] appreciate Key Club, Interact, NHS and ECGA for agreeing to participate,” Interact treasurer senior Mia Dimalanta said. “While planning the fundraisers was stressful, the end result made the process worth it.”

KINE hosted its first fundraiser at Skate Express Friday, Feb. 17, in which nearly 120 people attended and raised over $800. Fundraisers were also held at local restaurants such as Pieology and Ten Ren’s. As a precautionary measure, Ten Ren’s allowed food delivery services to count towards their fundraiser instead of enforcing only an in-store policy. 

“This fundraiser has shown me how much we band together as a community. The students that came were all really supportive; it wasn’t that they wanted to earn points, they [wanted] to support a cause,” NHS president senior Emily Chan said. “Since we don’t face these problems very often, it shows how as a community we are willing to put the needs of others and interests of other organizations ahead of what we want to do.”

Working collaboratively to fundraise also helped promote unity among the clubs involved. KINE leaders, including Dimalanta and Andino, created flyers to promote events they had planned. In addition, representative officers of each club worked on improving their clubs by sharing perspectives and fundraising techniques with each other.

“The more people you have, the more you raise, so it’s important for us to come together as one and despite whatever differences we may have,” Andino said. “When you’re given a platform like Key club or Interact, it’s important to utilize that platform to help others in need. That’s what fundraising really means.”

By Emily Cao, News editor
Photo courtesy of Alexis Andino