Learning online

Teachers are working on ways to teach students from their homes in order to replicate a classroom where teachers would normally teach. 

Some platforms that are used by teachers are Google Classroom, Edpuzzle, Pear Deck, Zoom and YouTube. The platforms have different settings that allow students to either attend classes as a group or have a one-on-one meeting with the teacher.

“I’m teaching my students by posting up my lectures on YouTube and assigning homework based on the material covered,” chemistry teacher Garrett Lim said. “I also hold biweekly office hours and am available through Google and email pretty much any time of the day.”  

Students are encouraged by teachers to engage in online classes and continue to finish their homework. The district has loaned over 2,000 Chromebooks to use for all students to have a device to attend online meetings.

“To reach struggling students, the entire staff is trying to reach out. Our administration, [grade level coordinators] and teachers all work together to try and contact students repeatedly if they are not turning in work or showing up to class,” English teacher David Kim said. “Some of the difficulties have been that students do not check their district-issued Gmail accounts or they don’t have easy access to technology and the internet.”

To ensure that proper material is taught and timely, teachers attend staff meetings throughout the week. Meetings are led by various staff members and learn about important announcements for students to know about.

“We all miss our routine, waking up, going to school, homework and after school activities, but we have formed new routines and ways of communicating,” biology teacher Darcy Milam said. “My co-workers and I continue to talk and work together.  My motto has been ‘keep it simple.’ I miss seeing my students and having those face-to-face conversations, and I can’t wait to return.” 

By Samuel Au, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Darcy Milam