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Letters of love

Service comes in many forms. Whether it’s cleaning beaches or upcycling old clothes into dog toys, the goal of volunteering is always to strengthen a community; and now more than ever, service has become just as imperative as a community itself. Even when under quarantine, Key Club has proven that service never stops, even at home.

Key Club hosted a stay-at-home event called Thank You Letters in April, during which general members wrote, drew and designed notes of encouragement and gratitude for health workers in LA County. Participants then took pictures of their work and sent them to Walnut Key Club president junior Annika Le, who emailed them to the representatives of various hospitals in the area, such as Pomona Valley Hospital and Huntington Hospital. 

“While I was making the cards, I still knew they would benefit someone, even if I didn’t know exactly who. It felt nice thinking about how someone can make an impact even on the life of a stranger,” member sophomore Tara Kulshrestha said. “It was also cool thinking about how people generally want to help people even without personal ties. The medical staff feel that desire toward their patients, and I felt it too.”

“I love the idea that we have been focusing on more healthcare workers because of the current events,” cabinet leader freshman Remy Wong said. “[The event] caused me to contemplate on the work they do and how difficult their jobs are, especially with COVID-19. The event also gave me a self-rewarding feeling because I know that my contribution has lifted some spirits and spread my appreciation for such hard workers.

In addition to holding events directly related to the COVID-19 crisis, Key Club is also encouraging members to donate to INSAN for Humanity, a humanitarian pilot project to help those in need, in exchange for service points. Key Club, Interact Club, National Honors Society (NHS) and Leadership Experience Opportunity (LEO) Club intend to collaborate on organizing a GoFundMe page promoting INSAN for Humanity in the future as well. 

“I personally feel sad that raising money online is currently the only thing we can do to help,” Vice President of Membership junior Jianhao Cui said. “It’s extremely frustrating not being able to impact the community as much because of the cancellation of physical events, but we’re just doing what we can to help and encourage people impacted by these circumstances.”

By Joy Wang, Student activity editor
Photo by Kaitlin Chheng