Missing student found

Freshman Kayne Doughty Jr., who had been missing since 4 p.m. on Wednesday, was found Thursday evening in Whittier and has since been reunited with his family, according to CBS Local news and NBC Los Angeles. Walnut High students and other members of the community who were passing out flyers at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic Church first heard of the missing student’s whereabouts around 8:40 p.m.

According to cross-country team members, Doughty did not show up at the designated meeting place before a practice run on Wednesday afternoon. KTLA 5 news reported that a police search turned up what is believed to be Doughty’s lunch box next to the creek near St. Lorenzo’s, along the path of a local running trail. However, cross country team members confirmed that the trail was not used by the team on that day. KTLA also reported that police had searched through Doughty’s locker, where they found his street clothes but not his running shoes.

Cross country athletes were called to the library during second period on Thursday to be interviewed by administration and the Walnut Sheriff’s Department. Principal Brandon Dade notified students and parents of Doughty’s disappearance through a school-wide email a little after noon the same day.

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