MIY sells Valentine’s Day grams

Make It Yourself club is selling Valentine’s Day grams during lunch until Wednesday, Feb. 12. The proceeds from this sale will go towards buying supplies to make Valentine’s Day cards for the charity organization Meals On Wheels, which will then deliver these cards to the elderly who have physical disabilities.

The grams, which include a 3-D pop-up card or a card with a handcrafted flower, are handmade by the cabinet members of the club and will be delivered during fourth period on Friday, Feb. 13.

“I think this is a great project. I like supporting things that do have a good message behind them, so this Meals on Wheels [program] is a great way to inspire the elderly because they are very lonely, and having something like that [will] cheer them up during Valentine’s Day,” junior Angel Wong said.

By Emily Chen, Staff writer

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