mock trial

Mock Trial advances to fourth round

Mock Trial advanced to the fourth round of the LA County Mock Trial Competition for the first time in six years.

In order to advance to the fourth round, members of both the defense and prosecution team had to be undefeated in previous rounds. Defense competed during first round on Thursday, Nov. 2, prosecution competed during second round on Thursday, Nov. 9 and prosecution competed during the third round on Monday, Nov. 13.

“It’s exciting because in previous years we haven’t been able to move on, and it’s really difficult to move on to next rounds, since it’s so competitive. How we’re moving so quickly is really nice to see,” prosecution clerk junior Helen Chu said.

Along with preparing a court case, both the defense and prosecution team were scored based on different roles they played. They practiced every weekend leading up to the competition in order to work on memorization and make sure the witnesses and attorneys’ conversation are natural.

“I think practice is important specifically for mock trial because for a lot of the witnesses, it’s just explaining the facts that they learned through the case. So, the more we practiced, the more the witnesses are able to seem more natural, as if they were actually responding, and for the attorneys it’s basically trying to get all the memorization down, especially the opening and closing statements,” prosecution attorney senior Kevin Naseri said.

Along with rehearsing their responses during meetings at lunch, after school and on weekends, team members used previous competition experiences to enhance their skills, such as members being able to predict issues that they would encounter during the competition.

“We get to advance, and it really proves the quality of our team. When we move on, it’s great for all of us, it helps us all improve our own abilities, because we see what happens in previous rounds, so we can use it in future rounds. I think all our attorneys and witnesses were sharper on their time, and I think they memorized much better, and they had more attitude than last time,” pre-trial prosecution attorney senior Lena Trinh said.

By Flora Lei, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Nicole Chiang