Mock Trial prepares for court case

Mock Trial will be preparing for People v. Awbrey, a court case about human trafficking and false imprisonment, starting from Friday, Sept. 9 until the trial in November.

For the trial, members will assume court roles, which consist of witnesses, attorneys and pre-trial attorneys. Over the course of the semester, the team will work with captains to analyze the individual personalities of each character in the case.

“Witnesses are different from other positions because we actually have to embody the role of the character we represent in court. It’s almost like acting, or role playing,” witness junior Queenie Shen said. “I have long looked into a future in the career of law, and I’m hoping this experience will help me determine whether or not this is the right path for me.”

Mock Trial holds meetings every Friday after school to practice for the trial.

By Jessica Huang and Melissa Kim, News editors
Photo by Richard Zhang