MORE Club visits Vejar Elementary School

Mentors of Reading Encouragement (MORE) Club helps students at Vejar Elementary School on Mondays after school.

MORE Club members visit Vejar two or three times a month from 3-4 p.m. helping students who struggle with reading. Members work in groups to help improve each student’s reading abilities and define any words that they do not understand.  

“[I enjoy] seeing their progress over the course of the year and building a special bond with my buddy. As a mentor, I have the ability to boost my buddy’s self-confidence as she improves and gradually feels more comfortable with her reading skills,” vice president senior Kayla Widjaja said.

To motivate students, club members use prizes such as candy to encourage students to complete more chapters or a book. After students finish reading, club members help with any other homework that they may have or play games with them.

“I want them to like learning [to] read because reading is a passion of mine,” club member freshman Anastasia Davis said. “I think [reading with them] helps a lot because we are all trying to accomplish the same thing, which is to let them learn and have fun with it.”

By Matthew Au, News editor
Photo by Jessie Dixon