NHS Idol pic

National Honor Society hosts NHS Idol

National Honor Society (NHS) invited members and other students to perform and showcase its talents at “NHS Idol” on Friday, Feb. 19 in the Multi-Purpose Room.

To promote the event, NHS announced that a $100 cash reward would be given to the first place winner of the talent showcase.

“Despite the fact that this was my first talent show ever, I sort of had this mentality of ‘showing off’ what I can do to my friends and the audience and really give them a good show,” club member senior Thomas Pak said.

The performances consisted of various solos, duets and group demonstrations that featured students playing instruments, singing or displaying their own unique skills. Performing groups such as Music Club, Jazz Combo and Pan-Am made appearances in the show.

“I was motivated to perform today because I like being able to perform when I get the chance to, and doing solos like this always helps me improve as a performer. I felt a lot more confident onstage than I was backstage,” club member junior Anna Chiang said. “There’s always things I can improve on, but I’m happy with my performance today.”

After all the performances were finished, NHS officers critiqued each piece and concluded with the announcement of the top competitors. Pan-Am won the first place prize with its own a capella version of “Take Me Home” by Pentatonix, while solo singer junior Mariah Quintero and Jazz Combo finished in second and third place, respectively.

“I perform a lot already, but I still feel pretty nervous before I go on. It’s cliché, but it’s the butterflies in my stomach, basically,” Pan-Am member senior Petre Quintua said. “Since we like Pentatonix a lot, we look for more opportunities to perform their songs. We didn’t really care about getting money. I mean we won and that’s cool, but we just wanted to sing for the experience.”

By Jessica Huang, Staff writer

Photo by Casey Lee