NHS hosts annual Knowledge Bowl

National Honors Society (NHS) will host its annual Knowledge Bowl in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) on Friday, April 17. The event gives clubs the opportunity to win cash prizes and therefore contribute to their funds.

Three to four members of each club will be chosen to represent their respective clubs in a trivia game. Points are awarded for each correct answer, and the clubs with the highest point values will receive prizes.

“This year, it’s going to be much more organized. Last year, they were just asking questions where we didn’t even have a powerpoint. However, this year, we do and just overall its going to be more fun,” NHS Historian junior Patrick Utz said. “I think everyone will be pumped up and eager to get the questions right and it’s really fun. It shows how much everybody knows, but beyond academic senses because there’s also pop culture.”

By Brandon Ng, News editor

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