Open Mic Night

Writer’s Guild will host Open Mic Night on Friday, Dec. 5 in the multi-purpose room from 5-8 p.m. Themed “Hope,” the event features students performing poetry and speeches.

The event functions as a platform for student writers to express their opinions about hope and encourage others to present their thoughts without fear. In addition, all proceeds from this event will go to an Ebola relief program in West Africa.

“Usually when people think about hope, it’s really positive. My poem actually talks about the negative aspects of hope. I just want to do something a little different from what is usually associated with the theme of hope. We host it as sort of a benefit concert because [Ebola] is a really big deal, and we hope our contribution will somehow help,” junior Angel Wong said.

Senior Cindy Hsu will perform an original poem titled “On Hope,” which is about hope’s changing nature throughout a person’s life.

“This is kind of personal to me, because I did have some pretty bad thoughts, but I realized that there’s things to live for. I just want to let people to know that there is something out there that is going to make you have hope again,” Hsu said.

Since most of the performers last year were seniors, a large group of newer performers were selected for the event this year.

“It feels a little scary because I’ve never had to say words in front of so many people, expressing my life, so it’s kind of hard to let out everything that I did because I’ve always done this very secretively,” freshman Leanna Chan said.

The participants rehearsed at lunch during the two days before the actual performance. Writer’s Guild prepared for the event by administering ticket sales, advertising, working out the floor plan and checking the technology.

“I’m very very excited for [Open Mic Night]. It’s the first time that I actually hold some sort of responsibility for this event, so I’ve been doing a lot of planning. I just really want to see the result of all our hard work,” Wong said.

By Emily Chen, Staff writer

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