Operation Smile and Interact collaborate for sock puppet social

Operation Smile and Interact hosted a sock puppet social Saturday, Feb. 25 in the MPR.

This year, Interact has sought to collaborate with other clubs twice a month to increase member attendance and create more diverse events.The social was Interact and Operation Smile’s first time collaborating.

“The event was a good opportunity to meet other students, and it allowed all the volunteers to be really creative with the sock puppets and just have fun,” Interact cabinet member sophomore Priscilla Pranajasa said. “The environment was really light-hearted and lively and knowing that all of our work was for a good cause made everything worth it.”

The sock puppets will be used by speech therapists to help children with pronunciation after cleft palate surgery. Members glued buttons, yarn and felt to create sock puppets with a mouth, tongue and face to entertain the recovering children and ease their recovery process.

“The social had a really great turn out and it makes me feel really good that we were also helping out a good cause. We made around 70 sock puppets, which will help all of these children learn how to talk again after their surgery,” Operation Smile vice president junior Sarah To said. “Even though a lot of us spent our Saturday making the sock puppets, I [didn’t] mind because we helped a lot of children and also made great memories and bonded.”

By Irene Zhou, Opinion editor
Photo by Airi Gonzalez