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Operation Smile hosts change drive

Operation Smile is collaborating with Diamond Bar High School’s branch in a competition to raise money through a change drive that will run from October to November.

Club members ask people to donate their spare change, while explaining their cause. The money Operation Smile raises through this change drive will fund the surgeries of children who have cleft lips and palates, an opening in the lip or mouth.

“[This fundraiser] shows that you don’t have to be donating a lot. A penny or a quarter will still mean something. Everything counts, every penny,” Operation Smile president senior Sarah To said. “We don’t need people to be donating so much. They’re doing little things that are still helping make a difference in someone’s life.”

Club members are expected to bring in five full jars and will receive four points per jar. At the end of the fundraiser, Walnut and Diamond Bar Operation Smile will count their change and determine which school collected the most money.

“It’s a new experience for me since I’ve never really been involved in something [where you are] just asking for donations,” cabinet member junior Jonathan Wang said. “It’s amazing to see how generous some people can be.”

Operation Smile funds surgeries that typically cost $250 for children in Vietnam, the Philippines and African countries. The club hopes to raise a few hundred dollars through this fundraiser.

“My parents are from Vietnam, and they said that growing up, sometimes people didn’t have these kinds of resources to get surgeries,” To said. “People who are blessed and grateful like us, living in a really good country, we have the opportunity to help others, and I think we should.”

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Staff writer
Photo by Jeffrey Tran

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