Personal finance class visits Federal Reserve Bank

Business teacher Neil Jacoby’s third period personal finance class visited the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Los Angeles Branch Tuesday, April 2.

During the field trip, the class earned second place in a competition against 11 schools. The event, which involved a case study about an individual in debt, prompted teams to examine ways to provide financial aid for the debtor.

“It was really fun to meet a lot of business professionals and present them our ideas and what we’ve learned,” senior Amanda Haight said. “It opened my eyes to how much I enjoy personal finance and helping people get out of debt.”

Students were also introduced to various employees such as Federal Reserve accountants. During a tour of the establishment, officials described each staff member’s role.

“They were saying it is pretty hard there, and you have to be focused at all times,” junior Nathan Leung said. “It really [showed] who I [could] be business-wise and my capacity for what I can be in the future.”


By Landon Park, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Amanda Haight