Plans for a new library sign-in system

Instructional Technology Coach Kevin Wendland plans to implement a computer-based sign-in system for the library.

In the computer-based sign-in system, students have their student ID cards scanned when they enter and exit the library to sign them in and out. This system will ensure that the library’s capacity is not exceeded and will be tested.

“At first, [the students] were a little bit confused because they weren’t used to the sign-in system, but we now barely have to tell them to sign in,” textbook clerk Tania Voss said. “The students are getting used to it, and they’ve adjusted very well.”

During the first week of school, a system requiring students to sign in and out of the library with pen and paper was implemented because of a safety regulation, limiting the library’s capacity to 50 students. The system was created after a development meeting with Instructional Dean Nelson Chen and Voss. The computer-based sign-in system is piloting on Thursday, Oct. 10.

“The sign-in system is all in an effort to track where students are and make sure they’re safe, especially in an emergency situation so that we have accountability of students,” Voss said. “This helps us know where students are so we can check and make sure that everyone is safe.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, Staff writer
Photo by Mia Nam