Preview: ASB to host Winter Formal

Associated Student Body (ASB) will host the Winter Formal at a club, Boulevard3, in Los Angeles Saturday, Jan. 26.

The theme will be “Kaleidoscope Dreams” which was inspired by American rhythm and blues singer Miguel’s album, Kaleidoscope Dream.

“We already had several themes in the past like ‘Great Gatsby’ or ‘Nocturnal’,” ASB member senior Akira Romyanond said. “We wanted to do something a bit more modern and aesthetic.”

ASB is making final adjustments such as ordering food, making decorations and centerpieces, hiring disc jockeys and arranging various games.

“[The preparation] is going really well. We have everything stacked up,” ASB member sophomore Samantha Kozlo said. “Both of [the head commissioners] are really focused, and they’re doing a really great job of putting everything together.”

Recently, ASB has focused on promoting the event by using social media reveals. These Twitter and Instagram posts showcase different features of the dance. After the organization held court voting, court nominations were announced at the stage during lunch on Friday, Jan. 11.

“I think it’s very different working on [the event as opposed to attending] it because now that I get to do both, I get more insight,” Romyanond said. “I’m allowed to enjoy what I’m putting so much effort into.”

By Ethan Park and Landon Park, Staff writers

Photo by Erin Tan

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