Preview: Introducing The Stable

The Stable, an area designated for Peer Counseling students to hold consultations, is currently being built in classroom E-18.

After proposing a better work environment for the counseling program, principal Ryan Maine approved the plan to change classroom E-18 into The Stable in August 2019. Previously, Peer Counseling members held sessions outside on the benches, where weather conditions or ambient noises created distractions.

“After going through three principals, it finally happened: Peer Counseling would get its own room to do all its counseling needs,” Peer Counseling adviser Drew Johannsen said. “But after that, everybody in the community has been helping out to make this room a safe, private and calm place for students to feel comfortable in.”

With over $10,000 funded by Dedicated to Learning and other funds contributed by people around the district board, the student desks, projectors and whiteboards would all be removed and replaced with new sofas, a water fountain and paintings. The Stable is divided into four sections: a waiting lobby and three separate counseling rooms equipped with stress relieving tools, such as coloring books and miniature sandboxes. The water fountain and concentration music create background noise to better mute the conversations. 

“The new room helps us a lot because before if it was hot or cold, or there was noise nearby, it would make counseling outside hard,”  Peer Counseling member junior Chelsey Tien said. “Because the student feels more relaxed and comfortable in the room, it makes the session less distracting and helps us to have a better conversation with the student.”

The Peer Counseling room project is still undergoing final changes as of Tuesday, March 4. With minor implementations, such as a new sign outside the door, the project is nearing completion.

“I joined Peer Counseling because it’s a good way to spread positivity to your school,” Tien said. We want to listen to what they have to say and offer help, and the new room helps them to be more comfortable and willing to share openly.”

By Andrew Kim, News editor
Photo by Mia Nam