Lockdown photo

Preview: Lockdown drill takes place next Tuesday

A lockdown drill will take place on campus Tuesday, Jan. 28. Principal Ryan Maine has made a video that will inform students about the varying levels of lockdowns.

The video includes two sheriffs explaining what to do during a lockdown drill. They educate students on how to approach online threats and explain that rather than sharing the threat, reporting it to school authorities is more effective.

“If something actually does happen, we need to know we are prepared,” Maine said. “With the video, we’re trying to give our [students] information on what to do in certain situations. We don’t want to just go through the motions and say we did a lockdown drill. We also want the students to be prepared.”

There are three different types of lockdowns: a Level 1 lockdown happens during an occurrence that causes alarm in the community, such as a bank robbery, a Level 2 lockdown occurs when an unidentified person enters the campus during school hours and a Level 3 lockdown takes place if there is an intruder on campus that intends to harm others.

“We usually do drills at the beginning of the year that students forget about, so I wanted to do something that would stay in students minds,” Maine said. “It’s nice knowing that we’re constantly learning and finding ways to be prepared, so we’re not open to threats. The point of the drill is to keep this information fresh in your mind.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Ryan Maine