Preview: senior photo booths event

Associated Student Body (ASB) members and senior class cabinet officers worked together to host the senior photo booths event taking place on Oct. 12 and 14.

Seniors are encouraged to pick up their senior sweaters and take photos at the booths available in the student parking lot. These booths will feature seven different photo backdrops, with themes ranging from those in sports to those in performing arts. These backgrounds ultimately reflect on the class of 2021’s past accomplishments. 

“At this point I feel like everyone has accepted [that] our senior year is over. Everyone is so focused on moving on to that next chapter, but we constantly forget what we have present in our lives worth cherishing,” senior class president Destiny Trujillo said. “It’s always nice to live in the moment and make the best memories of what situation you’re in.”

ASB and senior class cabinet have worked on this event since summer, planning to have a variety of events that seniors can enjoy. 

“We wanted to [do this event] to make the seniors feel special. [We] have gone through this hard work of high school and this was supposed to be our year. Our last first day [of school], our games, our senior nights, our senior sunrise were taken from us,” ASB president Samantha Kozlo said. “We want to create a new era for our seniors even though we are at home. We hope to make our seniors feel like they get what they worked so hard for.”

By Margaret Lee, News editor
Photo courtesy of Abigail Campos