Preview: virtual back to school night

Back to School Night will take place virtually through an interactive web page that will be sent to parents and students via email Thursday, Aug. 27. Parents learn about their student’s classes and teachers at Back to School Night.

The page has virtual lobbies for each department, which include the staff and their introduction page. Parents and students can access their teachers’ presentations from the lobby by clicking on their teachers’ Bitmojis, or personalized emojis. Teachers have made videos for their classes, in which they introduce their classroom expectations and goals for the school year. These videos are accessible to parents and students for the entire school year.

“We wanted to make our Back to School Night fun and informative for parents and students,” Principal Ryan Maine said. “We hope parents receive the same information they would get when physically on campus for Back to School Night [and] have the opportunity to view at a time that is most convenient for them.”

Maine and Instructional Technology Coach Kevin Wendland spent two weeks setting up the web page. It includes a welcome address and a virtual tour of the campus. It is advertised on the school’s Instagram page and is a pop-up on the school website. 

“On our end it was a lot more work [this year],” Maine said. “We had to gather 112 presentations and create 112 virtual classrooms. On top of that, each teacher teaches two or three different types of classes. There are between 200 and 300 video presentations that we had to sync all together before Thursday. It was a lot of work. Myself and Mr. Wendland were working all weekend to put [everything] together.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, News editor
Photo courtesy of Ryan Maine