Publications staff sells spirit mustang plushies

Walnut High School Publications sold mustang plushies before the annual Branding Iron football game against Diamond Bar Friday, Sept. 1 at the basketball courts.

The idea for the fundraiser started when Publications students saw the mustang plushies that adviser Rebecca Chai intended to gift campus administrators. Staff members then decided to use the plushie as a fundraising opportunity.

“[The students] did an amazing job. I saw how willing they were to put in work. I think the fundraiser was guaranteed to be successful because it was started by students and solely driven by their dedication,” Chai said. “Sometimes, we just have to find the right product or channel to express their spirit.”

After over-night advertisements on social media, the staff began selling the plushies at the basketball courts before the Branding Iron game started. The plushies not only helped support Publications, but also made appearances in various photos and on the field.

“We ended up selling a lot more plushies than you would expect in one day,” Hoofprint manager senior Anna Yu said. “The planning of it was more chaotic because we got them within a day, [but] because it came in so fast, and we had a lot of help and enthusiasm.We ended up having a pretty good sale.”

The impromptu fundraiser managed to sell out all of the plushies in supply, each priced at $20. Funds raised will be allocated toward expanding Publications’ media in order for it to reach larger audiences, such as purchasing a drone or installing camera mounts to facilitate media outreach.

“The enthusiasm really motivated me to do the fundraiser even though it was so last minute. Although it would seem like a hassle because of the time frame, it wasn’t difficult, because everyone was on board. The spirit and motivation drove the whole process,” Chai said.

In response to the success of this fundraiser, Publications hopes to plan another plushie fundraiser with a larger supply in the future.

By Erica Chang, Arts editor
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Chai