Rapping in Chinese

In a group project, students in Chinese 3 filmed themselves singing or rapping to a song using lyrics that they wrote in Chinese. These videos were displayed at Open House on Thursday, March 12.

The minimum length of the song is one minute for regular students and two minutes for International Baccalaureate students. The end words have to rhyme when students choose to create a rap.

“Coming up with lyrics is not something you do every day. It helps you explore a variety of words [because] when you come up with lyrics, the syllables have to match up,” junior Kevin Kao said.

The students learn in a way that is different from the classroom setting experience in which the students receive information directly from the teacher.

“It’s more open because you are not forced to do certain things. There’s creative freedom. There isn’t a teacher telling you exactly what to do, and you are not taking notes,” junior Albert Soriano said.

During the project, students also explored the differences between American and Chinese cultures.

“I’m not really familiar with the actual Chinese culture because I live in America and I’m influenced by American culture, so it was fun learning about another culture,” junior Natalie Chang said.

In addition to exploring the Chinese language, students developed the skills to work in groups.

“Sometimes, we all had different ideas, but we solved it by taking bits and parts of each idea and smashing them together. It is something that would be easy and fun,” Kao said.

Since students could rap or sing about any past subject they learned from Chinese 1-3, parents saw the different materials that students learned in class through the videos displayed at Open House.

“It displays our Chinese skills and shows how students can learn in a fun way because open house displays what the students can do and shows how we progressed in that language,” Soriano said.

By Emily Chen, Staff writer


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