ROP Sports Medicine class prepares for CPR course

Students taking Regional Occupation Programs (ROP) Sports Medicine are preparing for their annual cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training course in January 2016.        

The three-week training course is based on the American Red Cross standards which include judging and responding appropriately to emergency situations when a person is unconscious. Students will complete a lesson, practice their skills and pass a written exam to get their American Red Cross CPR certification valid for two years.

“I feel like it’s a necessity when one of your friends or family [is in an emergency situation],” sophomore Aaron Chin said, “It’s really fun the first time when learning it.”

ROP also purchased additional supplies for the CPR course this year, including 18 mannequins that will be used to practice chest compressions. New face masks allow students to directly practice rescue breaths on the mannequins.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to get hands-on learning. Our school is very academic; there [are] AP [and] IB classes,”  Athletic Trainer and ROP Sports Medicine instructor Nelson Chen said. “[However], ROP does a great job of combining a textbook and hands-on learning.”

Students who are armed with these skills will be able to apply them to real-life situations and even use them if they decide to enter the medical field.

“I think it’s better prepares them for an emergency situation. It’s always a good tool to have. They can make a difference in someone’s life and save the day,” Sports Medicine staff Rachel Brannigan said.

By Phillip Leung, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal