GLC appreciation

School holds GLC appreciation week

Grade Level Coordinator (GLC) Appreciation week took place to raise awareness for the need for school counselors throughout the district from Monday, Feb. 3 to Friday, Feb. 7.

The purpose of counseling week is to acknowledge the hard work that counselors do, such as helping students with various issues.

“It’s always nice to get acknowledged,” Class of 2023 GLC Sarah Doramus said. “It helps bring awareness to what school counselors do, and it’s a good thing for elementary school counselors especially because there is only one for many schools. It gives them a chance to get appreciated for all their hard work.”

Throughout the week, school administration planned days such as Cookie Monster Day on Monday and Bagel Day on Tuesday to show appreciation for the GLCs.

“As a former GLC, I think it’s always a great thing to be appreciated and recognized,” assistant principal Jennifer Tucker said. “It’s good for everybody to get a little extra love every now and then.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, Staff writer
Photo by Sajjan Sandhu