School makes new changes around campus


Over recent years, enrollment of students in WVUSD has been steadily declining. Currently, there are 13,269 students in the district. During the 2014-2015 school year, there were 14,295 enrolled students districtwide.

As a District of Choice, WVUSD allows students from any region to attend. However, students specifically from Rowland Unified School District and Pomona Unified School District are not not eligible under District of Choice, resulting in a decrease in the overall pool of students that may transfer to WVUSD.

Rising housing costs and an overall declining trend of enrollment are also contributing factors.

Solar Panel

Walnut Valley Unified School District (WVUSD) partnered with Tesla and Southern California Edison (SCE) to install solar panels that offset monthly energy consumption in the parking lots of various schools throughout the district.

The process began with the district entering a power purchase agreement with Tesla, who provided the solar panel structures with limited out-of-pocket expenses to the district, and securing Division of State Architect and SCE approval. Over the summer, construction began, and the system will soon be functional.

The 20-year cumulative savings on electrical usage for WVUSD is estimated to be $4,305,538. The solar panels will also provide long-term shading for students and staff.

School Culture Changes

As the school year progresses, the administration is dedicated to promoting the “Walnut Way,” a motto describing Walnut’s mission to provide a safe and supportive environment for students, faculty and staff.

To achieve this, the administration is continuing Walnut Wednesdays, a bimonthly recognition of staff members by Maine. Fun Fridays, a new addition, was also created to give faculty and staff a chance to connect over doughnuts, coffee and juice on the last Friday of the month before school starts.

Moreover, Associated Student Body and class cabinets have worked extensively to promote school spirit, from revamped lunchtime activities to new pep rally routines and interactive videos.

Informational Bulletin Changes

Aiming to streamline communication and increase transparency, the administration has updated current communication methods.

In addition to modernizing the Friday Forecast newsletter design and Walnut High School website design, Maine has emphasized the usage of social media, including Instagram, as a platform to reach students and parents in a more accessible way.

In addition, the administration features Students of the Month. This award allows GLCs to recognize hardworking students who represent the Walnut Way.

By Sarah Aie, Online editor-in-chief
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez