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School plans to implement safe classes

Associated Student Body (ASB), Peer Counseling and the school psychologists Rob Coad and Tara Lizarraga plan to organize about 20 safe classrooms for the next school year.

At any time of the day, students dealing with personal problems such as mental, familial or relationship issues, can request to be sent to a safe classroom of their choice where they can speak to a peer counselor or the teacher or destress by themselves. Teachers who choose to have their room designated as a safe classroom will display a logo on their door.

“I think the safe classes are a great way for teachers to make themselves available to students who may not normally be comfortable approaching a teacher to ask for help,” ASB president senior Kaitlin Day said. “Seeing the safe classes logo on a teacher’s classroom can be reassuring for students to know that they will not be judged or turned down by a teacher when going to them.”

Sessions will be held to give students the opportunity to speak with teachers on how to make their classrooms more approachable. Teachers may also undergo training on how to counsel students.

“I think that some students may use this new system, but some may not,” senior Kevin Ho said. “Teens have a tendency to want to communicate with peers rather than adults, most of the time. This system would work best if the teacher and the student are very close.”

By Phillip Leung, Print editor-in-chief
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez

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