School Transparency: Lieutenant from Sheriff’s Station

Lieutenant from the Walnut/Diamond Bar Sheriff Station

How do the police and school administration collaborate to determine what information to release?

“The administration at the school will make the decision of what they want to release with the district office. It is a priority for us to communicate with the school when we have information, and we should respond to all significant incidents. Keeping communication open is very important, especially dealing with public safety threats. It is extremely important to us and the community and we take these matters very seriously.”


How does the police investigate situations threatening student safety?

“For incidents [with armed weapons], we would want to follow up and determine if there is any truth to the matter. We’ll let the school know if the incident were true or not. Because a lot of things happen away from school, we have to go investigate and conduct a search warrant on house and make entry to determine if there are weapons inside. We would certainly communicate with the school to know ‘Hey, there’s no reason to worry, there’s nothing whatsoever found’ or maybe ‘He did have a gun.’”


How does the police relay the information to the school?

“A phone call would take place from police to the administration at school to let them know what we have found. But it is up to the school to censor [the information] however [it] wants to censor it. We are not going to tell the school what information to put out; they will decide what they’re going to put out.”