SIOP conducts teacher training

Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) conducted its second phase of teacher training Thursday, Dec. 5 during its ongoing first phase.

SIOP is directed toward helping teachers effectively educate English-learning speakers on campus. English Language Development (ELD) instructor Rebecca Chai organized a group of six visitors teaching varied subjects, including English teacher Janet Dutton, Math teacher Jennifer Sorbara and English teacher Jennifer Maletz. They observed ELD, math, science, history and extracurricular classes throughout the day.

“A good teacher recognizes that [they] should also be a learner. The more your teachers learn and grow, the more we are an example of what a student should be in the classroom,” Chai said. “[The biggest accomplishment for SIOP has been] taking one more step into becoming a professional learning community for all of us teachers.”

Teachers were given the opportunity to share their observations with each other during a group discussion. Visiting other classrooms allowed the teachers to reflect on their own teaching methods and ways to improve.

“It has been extremely rewarding just having time to sit and talk about my profession. I’ve learned so much from the teachers, and their insight really guides how we develop as a community,” Chai said. “I love being able to collect all these different ideas that teachers have. It’s just been super encouraging — it reminds me of why I wanted to teach.”

By Emily Cao, Staff writer
Photo by Ian Lee