Skool Live Digital Kiosks inform students

The school installed two Skool Live Digital Kiosks next to room H1 and the lunch lines at the beginning of the school year. The kiosks will provide students information such as campus events, student photos and district messages.

“It’s one of those new things that other campuses are utilizing and the company wants to test. It’s like how now they’re adding new electronic billboards where every two seconds it switches different information. So [we] wanted to use that here to give [students] information. We want to make sure student information is very pertinent to [students],” Principal Brandon Dade said.

The Walnut Unified School District was sponsored by Skool Live, a company that provides schools with electronic billboards, and decided to test the kiosks among schools within the district.

“I think it’s going to be a good addition as long as we make the information meaningful. Of course, we need to talk to the students and ask what kind of information [they] would like, but I think it’s going to go very well because [that’s] the way the 21st century is — everybody has cellphones or some kind of device. Normally students would just Google the information, so, because [the kiosk] is in an electronic format, I think students will like it,” Dade said.

Students will be able to promote club events or information on the electronic boards by submitting them to the office for approval. The school administrators and ASB will work together to begin posting information in the next few weeks.

“I didn’t notice the board until the second week of school, so I feel like using the boards to spread info wouldn’t be as effective as announcements,” senior Irene Pan said. “But I think it’s just nice to check the board in case you forget some stuff because it’ll always be there, whereas the announcements are only broadcasted once a day.”

By Eric Peng, News editor

Photo by Megan Wu

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