Spanish III students visit MOCA museum and Olvera street

Spanish III students visited the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and explored the shops on Olvera Street on Friday, Jan. 9. The trip was organized by Spanish teacher Nancy Lamb to give her students an opportunity to experience firsthand Hispanic art and culture.

In the morning, students looked through the museum and around noon, ate lunch at the nearby Olvera Street, where they also had the chance to purchase traditional Mexican food and goods.

“I really enjoyed it, especially eating at Olvera Street. My favorite piece at MOCA was called, ‘Shatterscatter’ by Barry Le Va because I felt like it showed someone’s emotions breaking free,” junior Alexandra Perez said. “I was able to learn more about the Spanish culture and to speak some Spanish that I learned in Mrs. Lamb’s class. It was like an adventure for me.”

By Irene Ornelas, Staff writer

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