Spanish students take National Spanish Exam

Spanish teacher Nancy Lamb’s students will be taking the 28th annual National Spanish Exam online Tuesday, March 7 and Thursday, March 9 in the library.

The National Spanish Exam tests students on both basic and more advanced forms of Spanish grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. The test is split into two categories: achievement and proficiency. Students that qualify will move on to compete in the state exam. In prior years, students have competed and won first place.

“The exam helps students to get better and to use their listening and comprehension senses more,” sophomore Angie Kuniyoshi said. “This is a good way for students to expand their Spanish because if they didn’t know [the material on] the exam, this motivates them to learn more. [By taking the exam,] students will want to think about how Spanish is actually pretty important, especially in the United States where Spanish is used a lot. It could help them in the future.”

By Melissa Kim, Opinion editor
Photo by Emily Ng