spirit week

Spirit Week

Day 3 – Thursday Snow
To accommodate the theme of Snow Day, students layered on coats, jackets and ski garments such as beanies and ski goggles. Classes competed in a game of balloon stomping before lining up for the head count, which put seniors and juniors tied at 25 points, sophomores at 13 points and freshmen at 12 points.

“It’s fun to represent my school and I love to get involved with [events] to show school spirit. I liked wearing warm clothes like beanies, and scarves make you feel more comfortable and give off relaxing vibes at school. We felt warm, cozy and comfortable,” junior Eileen Castro said. “[It’s important] because it shows that you’re proud to be a part of a school that cares about its students.”

Compiled by Jessica Huang and Erica Chang
Photo by Brandon Win

Day 2 – Wednesday Western
Students dressed in western attire by wearing cowboy hats, plaid shirts and boots for Woody Western day. After choosing representatives from each class to take part in a three-legged obstacle course, students also participated in the head count, which resulted in 17 total points for seniors, 15 points for juniors, 8 points for sophomores and 7 points for freshmen.

“Spirit week tightens the bond between classes and lightens the mood of the school with some fun. I enjoy seeing people participate by dressing up and expressing their pride and spirit for our school,” sophomore Lindsey Chheng said. “Contributing to my class by dressing up [made] me feel prideful and [like] a team player.”

Compiled by Ashley Liang, Melissa Kim and Jessica Huang
Photo by Austin Lam

Day 1 – Tuesday Disney
Students participated in Disney Day by wearing Disney-related apparel to school, including Mickey ears and Disneyland sweatshirts. During lunch, ASB hosted an activity and held the class head count, with seniors leading with 9 points, juniors with 7 points, sophomores with 4 points and freshmen with 2 points.

“Some people went all out and dressed up as actual [Disney] characters, which is something you don’t really expect among high schoolers, so that really made me happy,” freshman Gabriella Marquez said. “I think just [being able to] see everyone participate in something is really cool since in high school, we’re so divided between the upperclassmen and underclassmen.”

Compiled by Tristan Gonzalez, Melissa Kim and Jessica Huang
Photo by Emily Ng
Photo courtesy of ASB