Sports Medicine invites guest speaker

Sports Medicine featured guest speaker Susan Feng, a former student of the program, Friday, Aug. 31 at the Multipurpose Room.

Feng shared her high school experiences, described her journey through college and explained why she wanted to be a veterinarian. She also spoke about how being in Sports Medicine helped her grow and improve her communication skills.

“I think what stood out to me was how much work she has to do to get to where she wants to be, which is being a [veterinarian]. I think I can learn from what she’s done because she seems pretty successful, so [I can] follow what she’s done with a route I want to take eventually,” sophomore Nathan Wong said.

Feng encouraged students to have conversations with their parents about their plans for the future and possible careers. She also advised them to not let other people influence their dreams and goals. 

“I found that it was really interesting, and I could connect with her,” sophomore Brooke Mitchell said. “I learned that I should do what makes me happy because she found what makes her happy, and even though it took an extra four years, she’s still happy with what she’s doing.”


By Ethan Cheng, News editor

Photo by Tristan Gonzalez

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