Sports Medicine visits California Science Center

Students in Introduction to Sports Medicine visited the California Science Center Wednesday, Jan. 31 and Friday, Feb. 2.

Sports Medicine students explored different exhibits in the museum, each showcasing different aspects of life, such as human bodies, prenatal displays, ecosystems and bacteria. In medical pathology, students learn about what happens in human bodies and the relationship between bacteria and disease.

“I liked the bacteria part because there’s some bacteria [that we don’t know] how [long] it would stay. We wouldn’t know because some bacteria don’t show [symptoms] until later on,” junior Melody Ngo said. “I learned a lot by knowing what goes around our body without [us] knowing, and a lot of people ignore that.”

Students also visited the Body Exhibit, where they saw different recreations of human bodies, each presenting different anatomical systems, such as muscles, bones or nerves.

“What I really found interesting was looking at the muscles we had studied in class and actually seeing the human, muscles, bones, tendons [and] ligaments,” senior Kelly Huang said. “It was a really good experience if we’re interested in going into the medical field and actually doing hands-on activities related to those things.”

The bodies the students observed were created through a process called plastination, which preserves real human bodies and body parts.

“It helps you better understand what you’re learning: the body systems [and] how everything interconnects, like motion requires multiple muscles and just seeing the locations of muscles helps you better understand things,” Huang said. “Just stepping into the display, seeing the first body and realizing that what you’re actually seeing is real; it’s what you’ve learned in class.”

By Ethan Cheng, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Faith Villanueva

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